WFGD Moving Announcement


We are happy to announce WFGD will have a new home. We are moving just two floors up in our same building, The Cast Iron Building. We’re excited about creating, meeting, designing and enjoying our new space. We’re conveniently located in the thriving Market East/ East Market area of Center City Philadelphia, sandwiched between Chinatown and Old City.

The Cast Iron Building has a rich history with unique loft-like spaces. Our office will feature plenty of natural light and an open studio layout. We’ll be sure to post photos on social media.

Montréal Street Signs


Here is just a small sampling of public street signs in Montréal, taken during a recent visit. While there were many more I wasn’t able to get photos of, I do hope you enjoy these as much as I did. It was interesting to see how differently graphics were drawn from the American versions I’m used to. Generally, there’s a deeper level of detail to the graphics. Some signs took a second to figure out. But as a graphic designer, I really enjoyed seeing different solutions of graphic communication.

The photo above I call “double cherries”. It is actually a graphic to show the Siamese connection for the fire department.






The photo on the left is the only interior sign in this grouping. It’s a small sign posted in the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal to remind visitors to keep quiet while in the church.