Promotional Design: Jeff Wojtaszek Photography Infographic Postcards


WFGD recently created a set of 6 promotional postcards for Jeff Wojtasek Photography. We worked directly with Jeff to create a system of direct mail pieces that could act as a series as well as stand-alone pieces. Each card features a large photo on the front, with three smaller photos from the same session on the back.


Each card offers a greeting, a quick introduction (along with how to pronounce ‘Wojtaszek’). Drawing inspiration from the subject matter of the photos, we created a theme to each card, along with infographics. The graphics add a glimpse in to the personality of the photographer as well as visual appeal.


The “Style” themed card remains one of our favorites. It features photos of a fashion designer in her studio along with infographics on Jeff’s personal and working style. Our goal was to keep the photos as the focus balanced by clear and compelling graphics. We were happy to hear that Jeff received a boost in inquiries and bookings following this campaign.

Spring 2015!

It may be snowing in Philadelphia on this first day of Spring, but we’re thinking happy thoughts. Also, March 20th happens to be International Day of Happiness. We’re celebrating with a look back at a past project. This is a print we designed years ago with hand drawn vector illustrations. A reminder that warm days, growing plants, and blooming flowers are just around the corner. Happy Spring Equinox!


(Photo by Jeff Wojtaszek.)

Invitations | Birthday #2

5Brand_A4_mosGWLittle Ms. Ella turned 2 last week! Times flies when your having fun. We designed some bright and cheery invites for her party at Smith Playground this weekend. Take a look. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Friday!


Invitations printed digitally by Garrison Printing Co. (thanks Matt!)