WFGD Moving Announcement


We are happy to announce WFGD will have a new home. We are moving just two floors up in our same building, The Cast Iron Building. We’re excited about creating, meeting, designing and enjoying our new space. We’re conveniently located in the thriving Market East/ East Market area of Center City Philadelphia, sandwiched between Chinatown and Old City.

The Cast Iron Building has a rich history with unique loft-like spaces. Our office will feature plenty of natural light and an open studio layout. We’ll be sure to post photos on social media.

Studio Announcement

Congratulations to our own Marcy on the birth of her second child! On October 6th, 2015 Marcy and family welcomed a healthy baby boy in to the world. Mom and baby are doing well. Needless to say, she will be on maternity leave.


The image above is of a letterpress bookplate, designed for the baby shower of her first born in 2012.

Montréal Street Signs


Here is just a small sampling of public street signs in Montréal, taken during a recent visit. While there were many more I wasn’t able to get photos of, I do hope you enjoy these as much as I did. It was interesting to see how differently graphics were drawn from the American versions I’m used to. Generally, there’s a deeper level of detail to the graphics. Some signs took a second to figure out. But as a graphic designer, I really enjoyed seeing different solutions of graphic communication.

The photo above I call “double cherries”. It is actually a graphic to show the Siamese connection for the fire department.






The photo on the left is the only interior sign in this grouping. It’s a small sign posted in the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal to remind visitors to keep quiet while in the church.

Personal Project: A Dog Infographic

By Jenny Yip  [JY]


This is a personal project I wanted to share as a tribute to my dog Shadow, who we lovingly called ‘Wondermutt’. Sadly we lost him to cancer in 2014. He was an amazing dog that was sweet, loyal and unbelievably intelligent.

He’s was the perfect studio dog: quietly hanging out by my desk, greeting bicycle messengers and taking breaks to visit our local coffee shop. He was equally happy spending time at my husband’s woodworking shop, sleeping in piles of sawdust with the loud sounds of saws, planers and other machinery going off. But he was the happiest in the great outdoors—off leash, hiking up mountains and sleeping in tents.

You would never know he had such a rough start to life. Found in a dumpster as a puppy with his litter of 4—he suffered life-threatening illnesses and health issues, but was adopted by a neighbor. To add to Shadow’s dramatic story, I was watching him while his original owner went on vacation, and that owner never ended up returning. Despite his sickness, he was so sweet and smart I just had to keep him. True to form, Shadow battle through the hardships and amazed the vet with a quick recovery. (Originally he was not expected to live past 1-year as he was one of the worse case they witnessed.) He continued to live a full happy 10 years with us. His story is summarized in this infographic.


We always knew Shadow was a Shepherd mix because of his physical traits, but the remaining breeds were debatable. My inclination was toward Lab. My husband assumed Border Collie. We were excited to find out the results of the DNA Breed Identification test we did through Wisdom Panel. While we would have never guessed Shar-Pei, Whippet and Wheaten would be in our Shepherd mix, it all made perfect sense given his personality. He was sweet and sensitive, which comes from the Whippet and Wheaton. But the single word to describe him would be obedient (a trait from 3 out of 4 of his breed mix). He was eager to learn to, eager to please and listened carefully.

Being of Chinese descent, we always joked that Shadow had to be part Chinese. My family would speak to him in Chinese (as we did with all our past dogs) but it always seemed he understood. We even gave him a few commands in both English and Chinese. So when we found out he was one-quarter Shar-Pei, it was a wonderful surprise.

This infographic is just a snapshot of the 10 years we had with our Wondermutt, who always amazed and impressed us, and is missed dearly.

Logo Design: Wojtaszek Weddings


When Jeff Wojtaszek decided to separate his commercial photography work from his wedding work, he created a new entity called Wojtaszek Weddings. Having worked with Jeff since 2013, we were very familiar with his photography style, work and personality. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of providing work for each other’s businesses.

This logo and branding project posed some unique challenges:
— designing a logo where the name would be clear, as Wojtaszek is both difficult to spell and pronounce.
— giving a fresh take to traditional symbols of photographers (cameras and shutters), as well as weddings (hearts and rings) without being trite.
— designing a logo that appealed to a feminine audience (as women are often the planners) but still having a masculine style.

We were thrilled with the final product. A simple W letterform created by the coming together of lines. 2 colors to symbolize 2 lives, intertwined. The logo is simple and complex at the same time. It’s paired with a clean typeface. The colors reflect Jeff’s naturalistic style with a hint of vintage under tones.

A branding style guide is shown below.




Before we reached the final form, we provided a series of options in different styles and reflecting different concepts.



Logo shown in one-color embossed on a kraft box and etched on a thumb drive.



A close up view of the wooden USB flash drive with the Wojtaszek Weddings logo laser etched on to light maple.

Visit the Wojtaszek Weddings website here:

Infographics & Data (Haven)

What’s an infographic? We’ve often been asked that question. The term has been around for many years but is now becoming popular. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly (thanks Wikipedia!). Also known as data graphics, information graphics and data visualization, infographics can include charts, graphcs, timelines, process/flow charts, diagrams, maps, and tables.

In recent years, infographic design has become a specialty of WFGD. We enjoy the challenge of taking complex information and presenting it in clear and compelling designs. There’s never just one solution, and often it’s a time consuming process of design, re-design and editing to ensure the information is represented clearly. The end product is a visually appealing design with digestible data.

Below are some detail shots from a new report we designed for DataHaven, a non-profit organization based in New Haven, Connecticut whose mission is to improve quality of life by collecting, sharing, and interpreting public data. This report (completed for the The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven) is entitled Understanding the Impact of Immigration in Greater New Haven  includes data on demographics, community and economy.

Photo credit: Jeff Wojtaszek Photography.


And for Throwback Thursday: Our very first infographic report for the Pew Charitable Trusts back in ’09. Download it here!

Also take a look at some other pieces in our portfolio here.

Publication Design: Penn Graduate School of Education

We had the pleasure of designing a recent publication for long term clients at the Penn Graduate School of Education. As part of their reputation campaign, this piece is Leadership themed and highlights the accomplishments of faculty and past students. We paired strong typography and clean graphics with unique photo treatments to give the publication a different look than past reports. Check out the finished product!


Digitally printed by the Phoenix Group.

Branding: Sticks + Stones


We recently had the opportunity to brand sticks + stones, an accessory line created by philadelphia-based designer Lindsay Fiegleman. Drawing influence from street fashion, music, and countries around the world, sticks + stones aims to create a feeling of free spirit and cultural sensation with a rocker chic appeal.

The logo was created to complement Lindsay’s vision. The slingshot offers a unique take on typical imagery associated with sticks and stones and reflects the bohemian/rocker-style of her jewelry, bags and other accessories.

Images from top to bottom: Promotional business cards printed on matte black stock foil-stamped with metallic silver; Notecards printed on white uncoated stock foil-stamped with metallic silver and metal nameplate for inside of handbags (photo credit Jeff Wojtaszek Photography); Collection of images from the first look book (model photography by Brick x Birch); and a gift guide graphic used for email marketing and social media purposes.








“My brand and i would be extremely lost and unbranded without WFGD! They have not only helped launch my line, but have really become a crucial part of my team. I not only go to them for help with graphics, but overall opinions on branding, marketing, and products. It’s not always their job, but they provide really great feedback and know what i’m looking for. My favorite thing about working with them as opposed to other graphic designers, photographer, pr, etc. is that i do not feel like they are working for me, i know that they are working with me. They have the utmost pride in their brand and mine. plus, they are fun to work with! —Lindsay Fiegleman, Founder of Sticks + Stones


2015: A Milestone Year


2015 is a big year for WFGD Studio. Not only are we celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the start of the sudio, we also celebrate our firm’s history. WFGD was established in 1985 as Willie-Fetchko Graphic Design by Mark Willie and Bernard Fetchko. In 2012, the name was changed to WFGD Studio along with a new partnership among Jenny and Marcy. We have the unique opportunity to celebrating a business that is both 3 years and 30 years old.

We are thankful for our amazing clients and are so grateful that we get to do what we love every day. Thanks to all our vendors, collaborators, consultants, colleagues and friends as well. Cheers! Here’s to many more years…