Jenny Yip, Partner and Designer
Jenny reinforces WFGD’s commitment to the studio/client relationship. She is involved in all aspects of the design process with an emphasis on communication with the client. Jenny believes that great design is a balance between aesthetics and function. This principle enables her to create engaging designs that meet the client’s goals. Jenny earned her bachelor of science degree in graphic design from Drexel University, where she continues to serve as an adjunct faculty member and guest critic. She has been with WFGD since 2004.


Marcy Coffey, Partner and Designer
Marcy creates strong designs based on her exploration of design directions. Always willing to try new techniques in photo editing, typography, illustration, and hand-done work, Marcy produces designs that are distinct and striking. Her work has been published in several notable design publications: CMYK magazine, American Corporate Identity, and Graphic Design USA. Marcy is a graduate of Drexel University’s graphic design program, with a minor in art history. She has been with WFGD since 2007.