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Logo Design: Wojtaszek Weddings


When Jeff Wojtaszek decided to separate his commercial photography work from his wedding work, he created a new entity called Wojtaszek Weddings. Having worked with Jeff since 2013, we were very familiar with his photography style, work and personality. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of providing work for each other’s businesses.

This logo and branding project posed some unique challenges:
— designing a logo where the name would be clear, as Wojtaszek is both difficult to spell and pronounce.
— giving a fresh take to traditional symbols of photographers (cameras and shutters), as well as weddings (hearts and rings) without being trite.
— designing a logo that appealed to a feminine audience (as women are often the planners) but still having a masculine style.

We were thrilled with the final product. A simple W letterform created by the coming together of lines. 2 colors to symbolize 2 lives, intertwined. The logo is simple and complex at the same time. It’s paired with a clean typeface. The colors reflect Jeff’s naturalistic style with a hint of vintage under tones.

A branding style guide is shown below.




Before we reached the final form, we provided a series of options in different styles and reflecting different concepts.



Logo shown in one-color embossed on a kraft box and etched on a thumb drive.



A close up view of the wooden USB flash drive with the Wojtaszek Weddings logo laser etched on to light maple.

Visit the Wojtaszek Weddings website here: