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2015: A Milestone Year


2015 is a big year for WFGD Studio. Not only are we celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the start of the sudio, we also celebrate our firm’s history. WFGD was established in 1985 as Willie-Fetchko Graphic Design by Mark Willie and Bernard Fetchko. In 2012, the name was changed to WFGD Studio along with a new partnership among Jenny and Marcy. We have the unique opportunity to celebrating a business that is both 3 years and 30 years old.

We are thankful for our amazing clients and are so grateful that we get to do what we love every day. Thanks to all our vendors, collaborators, consultants, colleagues and friends as well. Cheers! Here’s to many more years…



Promotional Design: Jeff Wojtaszek Photography Infographic Postcards


WFGD recently created a set of 6 promotional postcards for Jeff Wojtasek Photography. We worked directly with Jeff to create a system of direct mail pieces that could act as a series as well as stand-alone pieces. Each card features a large photo on the front, with three smaller photos from the same session on the back.


Each card offers a greeting, a quick introduction (along with how to pronounce ‘Wojtaszek’). Drawing inspiration from the subject matter of the photos, we created a theme to each card, along with infographics. The graphics add a glimpse in to the personality of the photographer as well as visual appeal.


The “Style” themed card remains one of our favorites. It features photos of a fashion designer in her studio along with infographics on Jeff’s personal and working style. Our goal was to keep the photos as the focus balanced by clear and compelling graphics. We were happy to hear that Jeff received a boost in inquiries and bookings following this campaign.